100% Money Back Guarantee


At GuruTicketing.com, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you were denied entry to an event because of invalid tickets.

-This guarantee covers orders placed both directly on our site and for orders for our inventory that you placed through TicketNetwork Direct (TND) affiliate sites. 

-This guarantee only covers invalid tickets.  All event cancelations follow our normal refund policy found in our general terms and conditions.

-Verifiable proof must be provided by the venue in written letter format on venue letterhead. Written or stamped "voids" do not constitute verifiable proof.  Written proof must be signed and dated by identifiable box office personnel.  Proof must include event name, date, time and seat locations.

-All verifiable proof submitted by customer is subject to a 21-day review to determine validity.  To ensure all proof is valid, and to give us time to contact the venue or any other involved parties, all claims are subject to review.

-If it is determined that tickets were indeed invalid, refund will be issued to original credit card used to make purchase.  Refund will be in the amount of 100% of your order total, including all taxes, shipping or other fees.

PLEASE NOTE: If we find that an invalid ticket claim is submitted falsely or in attempt to defraud, we will pursue all legal and criminal remedies.